Child Custody 


Child custody can be an extremely difficult issue to work out. Thankfully, Susan S. Hogan can help. As a family law attorney, she specializes in bringing your child custody issues to their optimal conclusion as efficiently as possible.

Custody issues can transform an otherwise straightforward divorce into a contentious struggle between two parties who have vastly different perspectives on what’s best for their children.

Susan S. Hogan can help you to advocate for your rights, as well as for your child. The goal is to reach a conclusion that is acceptable to all parties as efficiently and painlessly as possible.  
Sole Custody

When the court awards a parent sole custody of a child, that parent gains the right to make major legal decisions for the child; the other parent does not. The court will likely award the parent without custody specific access and other rights.

Joint Custody

Joint custody is a common outcome for child custody cases in which each parent retains some right to make major legal decisions for their child. This does not mean that joint custody is necessarily an equal split of time: one parent is usually chosen to be the primary residential parent, but both parents retain some control over everything from living arrangements to medical treatment to education.

Joint-Shared Custody

With joint-shared custody, each parent is awarded specific responsibilities, which may include specified periods of responsibility in which that parent is the one who makes decisions on behalf of the child and substantially shared access for each parent with the child/children.

If you’re dealing with a child custody issue, Susan S. Hogan can help. Call today! We proudly serve the Buffalo, NY area.
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